VOILA 2020

For over a decade, Viola Renate has gained international recognition under the name Pinar&Viola, a creative duo formed with Pinar Demirdag. They have created a unique visual language and an immense body of work in sync with the latest image technologies.

In the last few years, parallel to P&V, Viola has been inspired to investigate her solo artistic practice and is excited to now share her creations with the world!

Since her earliest memories, Artist Viola Renate has been in tune with the forces of nature and the more subtle energies present in the ‘in-between’ realities.
This devotion to the earth and its elemental spirits is reflected in her solo work.

As a Multidisciplinary Artist, Viola Renate engages in an electric play of expressing shapeless dimensions into hybrid forms.
Digital pixel paint transcends into tactility colliding with oil paint on her canvases.
In her hanging sculptures and space jewelry, she warps luxury objects as well as the contextual references in which they are experienced.

By manipulating the parameters of software, intuitive shapes of fantasy hardware come into existence through contemporary craft. The reconnection with handwork, where the power literally lies in one’s own hands, is a symbol of her sovereignty.

Viola Renate’s main artistic and personal dedication lies in the emancipation of limiting constructed realities. Continuously freeing the way for herself and the viewer to experience the eternal spark of spirit.

Digital painted Deliriois Pearl “editorial image #1”